Our Proud Track Record

IPO Translation Pioneer

We took part in many ‘No. 1’ IPOs ……

Widely known as the ‘Pioneer of IPO Translation’ in Hong Kong, Beauhorse has been independently in charge of more than 150 IPO translation projects in total since 1990.

Meanwhile, Beauhorse was proudly commissioned as the translation house for a number of major and epoch-making IPOs, which became No. 1 in various aspects over the IPO markets of Hong Kong and even China, namely as follows:

China’s first batch of B shares listed in Shanghai
Dazhong Transportation (Group) Company Limited (1992)
(Formerly known as Shanghai Dazhong Taxi Co., Ltd.)

(B Share Stock Code: 900903)

Shanghai Wingsung Investment Management Co., Ltd. (1992)

(B Share Stock Code: 900904)

China’s first batch (including first 4) of B shares listed in Shenzhen
Gintian Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. (1991)

(Stock Code: 200003)

China Vanke Co., Ltd. (1992)

(B Share Stock Code: 200002)

Shenzhen Properties & Resources Development (Group) Ltd. (1992)

(B Share Stock Code: 200011)

Konka Group Co., Ltd (1992)

(B Share Stock Code: 200016)

The first H Share listed in Hong Kong and China’s first company listed overseas
Tsingtao Brewery Company Limited (1993)

(Stock Code: 00168)

China’s first airline listed overseas in New York, Shanghai and Hong Kong
China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited (1997)

(Stock Code: 00670)

China’s first airport enterprise listed in Hong Kong
Beijing Capital International Airport Company Limited (2000)

(Stock Code: 00694)

China’s first H share and ADR listed in Hong Kong, New York, London and Shanghai
China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (2000)

(Stock Code:00386)

The first REIT listed in Hong Kong and one of the world’s largest REITs
in terms of market capitalisation
The Link REIT (2004)

(Stock Code: 00823)

China’s first large-scale state-owned transportation infrastructure group listed overseas
China Communications Construction Co. Ltd. (2006)

(Stock Code: 01800)

China’s first “A then H” dual-listing company in Hong Kong
China Railway Group Limited (2007)

(Stock Code: 00390)

China’s first civil bank with H shares listed in Hong Kong
China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd. (2009)

(Stock code: 01988)

The First Depositary Receipts listed in Hong Kong
Vale S.A. (2010)

(Stock Code: 06210 and 06230)

B Shares Pioneer

Beauhorse witnessed and participated in the growth and take-off of China’s domestic stock market. Among the sector leaders, we are also the pioneer in translation of China’s B share IPOs since 1992, including the following B shares respectively listed and traded on Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange:

Shanghai B Shares (Apart from the first batch as stated above)
Shanghai Chlor-Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd. (1992)

(B Share Stock Code: 900908)

Shanghai Highly (Group) Co., Ltd. (1992)
(Formerly known as Shanghai Refrigerator Compressor Co., Ltd.)

(B Share Stock Code: 900910)

Shanghai Lujiazui Finance & Trade Zone Development Co., Ltd. (1993)

(B Share Stock Code: 900932)

Huaxin Cement Co., Ltd. (1994)

(B Share Stock Code: 900933)

Huadian Energy Company Limited (1996)

(B Share Stock Code: 900937)

Shenzhen B Shares (Apart from the first batch as stated above)
Shenzhen Chiwan Wharf Holdings Limited (1993)

(B Share Stock Code: 200022)

Fiyta Holdings Ltd. (1993)

(B Share Stock Code: 200026)

Hefei Meiling Co., Ltd. (1993)

(B Share Stock Code: 200521)

Hubei Sanonda Co., Ltd. (1993)

(B Share Stock Code: 200553)

Shenzhen Benelux Enterprise Co., Ltd. (1994)

(B Share Stock Code: 202041)

Shenzhen SEG Co., Ltd. (1996)

(B Share Stock Code: 200058)

Wuxi Little Swan Company Limited (1996)

(B Share Stock Code: 200418)

Hangzhou Steam Turbine Co., Ltd. (1998)

(B Share Stock Code: 200771)

Hong Kong IPO Expert

Regarding Hong Kong listed companies, Beauhorse is also proud to have been appointed as the translator of other hallmark IPO jobs representing various industries as follows:

Sing Tao News Corporation Limited (1996)

(Stock Code: 01105)

Solartech International Holdings Limited (1996)

(Stock Code: 01166)

Shanghai Industrial Holdings Limited (1996)

(Stock Code: 00363)

China Motion Telecom International Limited (1997)

(Stock Code: 00989)

Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Company Limited (1997)

(Stock Code: 00874)

Imagi International Holdings Limited (1997)
(Formerly known as Boto International Holdings Limited in Hong Kong)

(Stock Code: 00585)

Tianjin Development Holdings Limited (1997)

(Stock Code: 00882)

Huaneng Power International, Inc. (1998)

(Stock Code: 00902)

Yanzhou Coal Mining Company Limited (1998)

(Stock Code: 01171)

I-Cable Communications Limited (1999)

(Stock Code: 01097)

Manulife Financial Corporation (1999)

(Stock Code: 00945)

China 3D Digital Entertainment Limited (2000)
(Formerly known as Emperor Entertainment Group Limited)

(Stock Code: 08078)

CNOOC Limited (2001)

(Stock Code: 00883)

BOC Hong Kong (Holdings) (2002)

(Stock Code: 02388)

Opes Asia Development Limited (2002)
(Formerly known as China Treasure (Greater China) Investments Limited)

(Stock Code: 00810)

Air China Limited (2004)

(Stock Code: 00753)

Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (2004)

(Stock Code: 00981)

TOM Online Limited (2004)

(Stock Code: 08282)

China Shenhua Energy Company Limited (2005)

(Stock Code: 01088)

Dongfeng Motor Group Company Limited (2005)

(Stock Code: 00489)

China Coal Energy Company Limited (2006)

(Stock Code: 01898)

Shanghai Prime Machinery Company Limited (2006)

(Stock Code: 02345)

China Shanshui Cement Group Limited (2008)

(Stock Code: 00691)

China Railway Construction Corporation Limited (2008)

(Stock Code: 01186)

Shandong Chenming Paper Holdings Limited (2008)

(Stock Code: 01812)

Asian Citrus Holdings Limited (2009)
(Formerly known as Alpha General (Holdings) Limited)

(Stock Code: 00073)

PAX Global Technology Limited (2010)

(Stock Code: 00327)