Localisation is a modern business world of globalisation cannot do without. It is the process of adapting various texts, documents, multimedia, softwares and websites to fit our client’s target culture, language and specific audience group.

Chinese Localisation for Greater China
Our 30 years’ history, experience and expertise well equip our professional Chinese localisation team to deliver excellent translation which is technically precise, linguistically and culturally customised and appropriate in following categories:

  • Mainland Simplified Chinese
  • Hong Kong Traditional Chinese
  • Taiwan Traditional Chinese

Our Chinese Localisation services include literary style conversion and if required, glossary compilation.

Beauhorse’s effective localisation solutions that are easily accessible to Greater China can contribute a lot to the success of a fast growing company like you.

Localisation for Other Languages
Besides of serving Greater China, our localisation solutions extend to other major languages such as Japanese, Korean, French, German, Russian, Portuguese and Spanish, etc, with the support of experienced foreign native speaking translators.