Our Strengths

Why are we well recognised as a 'Quality Seeker' in the translation industry?

Our translator team comprises of 30 full-time professionals led by linguists with more than 15 years’ experience in translation, editing and copywriting;

All translators are comprehensively well trained to pursue high standard linguistic performance in compliance with our own Practice Codes & Guidelines;

Various thematic training seminars are regularly held to widen our linguists’ knowledge and exposure;

Our translation system is refined and backed up by a strong data-base and Translation Memory System built up over years and computer-aided translation software to ensure quality and a prompt turnaround time ('TAT');

Pursuing the client-oriented objective, we are ready to flexibly adjust our job allocations with an optimal and tailor-made solution to fulfil clients’ emergent and special needs or rush TATs if necessary;

Quality control is procured by our project managers before delivery;

We have a comprehensive system governing confidentiality and strictly request our staff to observe the related practice codes internally as well as the secrecy or non-disclosure agreements with clients since inception of Beauhorse.